Books are a way for children to perform their own magic, stepping into other worlds and marvelling more deeply at this one. Thoughtfully written, richly illustrated and beautifully bound, Fanny & Alexander's books (this one is the first of many!) are made to be loved and learned from.



Our heirloom-quality toys are crafted from thoughtfully sourced hardwoods and soft leather. Elements are carved from contrasting woods rather than being painted, so they are completely natural and safe for even the youngest children to enjoy. Each toy is individually assembled and meticulously checked to ensure it meets our rigorous standards — and, of course, is able to endure years of use and love.

Every one of our simple, enduring toys is designed to stimulate the imagination, foster creativity and encourage exploration.



Our toys are crafted to the highest standards using handsome, enduring natural materials in the hope that they will be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come. But truly beloved toys, in the course of their adventures, will endure some wear. This is as it should be, but to guarantee their longevity we recommend a little care and attention every now and then.

Wooden toys aren't great fans of sustained, direct sunlight or high heat, which can dry or crack  them. Water may cause discolouration, so do avoid drenching them (and dry off quickly with a soft cloth if they experience the occasional spot of drizzle).

Should stains, scratches or marks occur, simply take a piece of fine or very fine sandpaper and sand lightly in the direction of the grain until the impression is no longer visible. Children are very helpful and capable of completing this task themselves!

If you would like to seal your wooden toys, we suggest a gentle polish using natural beeswax. Used for centuries to nourish wood, it's completely safe to eat and is perfect for showing your cherished toys a little TLC. And, although they're made to be as robust as possible, our toys are constructed from wood and will never be completely indestructible, so we suggest enjoying them on softer surfaces until children are old enough to handle them gently."